Healthcare Team


Our doctors work in a partnership. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the doctors in the practice.

Wherever possible, we will arrange an appointment with the Doctor of your choice. At times it may not be possible to do this and you will be offered an appointment with one of the other partners.


Dr Neville Blewitt MB BS 1987 London MRCGP DRCOG.

Dr K Wyne BSc MBBS DGM DRCOG MRCGP 1993 London

Dr N Mantel-Cooper MBBS MRCGP DRCOG 1992 London

Dr J Krol BHB MBChB MRCGP Dip Obs DFFP DPD 1979 Auckland NZ

Dr K Sripathy MBCHB MRCGP 2015 Leicester

Dr Rajiv Sharma MBChB , BSc (Hons), MRCGP

Dr R Moore MRCGP DRCOG DGM MBBS 1998 London

Salaried GPs

Dr A Kapila MB BS 2011 London

Dr F Daruwalla MB BS 2011 London

Doctors in Training

We are a teaching Practice. This means that fully qualified Doctors who have been working at hospital level will be attached to us for four months at a time to learn more about general practice.

Our current Doctors in training are:

Dr H Kwak (female)
Dr R Auroa (female)
Dr R Shaboodien (female)

We hope you will be happy for these Doctors to play a part in your care but if you have any concerns about this please inform the Receptionist and we will respect your wishes.

Further information about our training work can be found here.

Practice Nursing

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Frances Bayton-Clark

Practice Nurses

Jeanette Goddard RGN,  Diploma HE Paediatrics, Diploma HE Adult, Diploma in Asthma, diabetes, Spirometry &COPD, ENB998 Teaching & Assessing in Clinical Practice

Aileen Davis RGN, DN, Certificate in Diabetes Care (Warwick)

Carol Lott RGN, Occupational Health Nursing Certificate, Diploma in travel Medicine

Anne-Maria Hobbs RGN

Claire Kemp

Sara Chenery

Healthcare Assistant

Sue Kimble

Further information on our nursing services can be found here.

Central Surrey Health

Central Surrey health also employ district nurses who work from within the Health Centre and Health Visitors, based at Addlestone Health Centre:

District Nurses: The team can be contacted on 0300 303 4737

Health Visitors: Can be contacted on 01932 846263

School Nurse: Can be contacted on 01483 846201

Community Psychiatric Nurse: Contactable through your GP.

MacMillan Nurses: These work closely with your GP and once under their care you will be given their direct mobile phone number.

Practice Management

Practice Manager

Kendra Hay

Admin / IT Service Manager

Nicole Bhattacharya

If you wish to discuss administrative or non-medical aspects of your health treatment or if you have any ideas which will improve the services we provide, our Practice Managers are there to help you.

The managers also deal with problems or complaints you may have to do with the practice.

Reception & Administration

Reception Team

Reception Manager

Donna Mercer

Lead Receptionist

Denise Lewis


Janice Brown, Jo Clough, Sue Kimble, Dawn Kitchener, Paula Glass, Carole Gostage, Stephanie Audsley, Jackie Norris, Lorraine Belford, Claire Brown, Alex Hay, Jacqueline Norris, Lesley Reed and Alison Stevens

Scripts Clerk

Diane Warwick


Wendy Hopkins, Steph Audsley, Victoria Fillingham and Pat Taylor

Admin Team

Viv Welham, Lauren Hay, Shelley Crookes and Julia Mills